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General remarks

After logging in you get an overview of all available widgets in your dashboard. If required they can be hidden.

Further, you see the following information:

  1. Main menu: All your domains and other resources are listed here.
  2. If there is an account balance, it will be displayed at this point.
  3. Add Products menu: Here you can order domains and products from our range of services or start a domain transfer.
  4. Your customer ID is displayed here after successful login. You can also access the account settings where you can adjust various detailed settings such as customer data, security options and payment methods.
  1. Main menu

  2. Account balance

  3. Add products

  4. Customer ID

Webinterface Overview zoom
  1. Main menu

  2. Account balance

  3. Add products

  4. Customer ID


Under Domains My domains you get an overview of the domains available in your account.

  • In column (1) Domain the domain names are listed.
  • The current domain status is displayed in column (2) Status.
  • The current expiration date of the registration is displayed in column (3) Expiration date. The date may deviate from the registration period due to cancellation or transmission deadlines and may be shortened.
  • You can display or hide additional columns by clicking the cog wheel in the top left corner.
  1. Domain name

  2. Status

  3. Expiration date

My Domains zoom
  1. Domain name

  2. Status

  3. Expiration date

Information about domain states

processingIndicates that the registration application has been submitted to the responsible registry. Response is pending.
transfer in processA domain transfer to Moniker has been initiated; the transfer isn't completed yet.
registeredThe domain was registered successfully and can be used.
pending paymentYour domain registration application has been deposited in our system but your payment is pending. The registration request will be submitted to the registry as soon as we receive your payment.
external domainIndicates that the domain is registered with another provider. However, the domain is managed through your Moniker account and uses our DNS.


The Hosting menu allows you to manage your hosting products such as web- or mail hosting, SSL certificates and to create your own framesets that you can use with the domains in your account.

  • In the Webhosting section you have direct access to your webspace and related functions and to your database.
  • In the Mailhosting section you see all the details related to your mailspace.
  • In the Website builder section you can order and manage a Website builder.
  • In the Framesets section you have the possibility to create small templates (e. g. under construction) which you can assign to a domain in the configuration menu.

In the SSL section you can order a certificate of your choice, configure it and send it to the issuer.

Account Settings

You can configure all the data and settings related to your account in the account settings:

You can open the account settings by clicking on your customer ID (1)

  1. Customer ID

Webinterface Account zoom
  1. Customer ID

In the User data section the account holder's data is displayed. These can be changed if necessary.
All changes must be saved successfully to be adopted.

If you do not specify different data when registering domains, the data displayed here is automatically stored in WHOIS.

Additional options such as notifications (to the account holder), language, security and payment methods can be configured via the appropriate tabs.

Information about the discount scale and special prices set in the account can be seen in the Special prices tab.

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