How can I upload or delete my content? (FTP)

Upload Content

The transfer of the contents / website to our web servers is done via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) using any FTP program (FTP client).

FTP clients are available as freeware versions or browser add-ons. Some web design programs have an integrated FTP client.

FTP Client Settings

Please ensure that you have made the following settings in your FTP client:

FTP server:Your (sub-) domain name / (*) alternatively: IP address of the webserver
FTP user:Your (sub-) domain name
FTP password:Your secret FTP password
FTP port:21


  • If it's a newly created FTP access, please use the IP address of the webserver as FTP server name instead of the (sub-) domain name.
  • (*) The IP address of the web server can be found in the Webspace Admin section. Click on the detail icon and the IP will be displayed.
  • The reason is that DNS queries may not yet resolve as desired (delay in the DNS).
  • Optionally, the connection can be encrypted (SSL/TLS). This setting is recommended for security reasons.
  • Our web-servers do support FTP over SSL (FTPS). Our web-servers do NOT support SFTP (FTP over SSH).

Please note:

  • After the FTP connection has been established successfully you find yourself in the directory created for the domain.
  • It is NOT required to create again the directory specified under Webspace Admin after the FTP connection has been established because you are already in the relevant directory. Now, please transfer the files via the FTP client.
  • An index file (index.php, index html, etc.) must be located at the top level. Otherwise, you will receive a "forbidden" message when you try to browse the webpage.

Delete Content

Deletion of content from our web servers is also done via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) by means of an FTP program (FTP client).

  • You can delete individual web pages by connecting to the FTP server and deleting all files and folders from the directory.
  • If you want to delete the contents of a complete webspace, however, it is advantageous if you have (FTP-) access to the main directory (/). If such an access does not yet exist, you can easily create it. For example, "" would be a conceivable subdomain variant that points to the root directory (/).
  • Then connect to the web space with this FTP user, see all files and directories of the web space in the FTP client and delete them if necessary.

Please note:

  •" is just one example. You must replace this domain name with your domain name.
  • It is not possible to delete the folders with your weblogs and webstats because both of the folders are write-protected.
  • Through an FTP access that points to the root directory (/), you will be able to access and manage all sub-directories in that webspace.

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