Install WordPress in your Moniker web space

How to install WordPress in your new Moniker web space

You have decided to purchase a web space at Moniker, congratulations! Now you would like to set up a content management system (CMS) - WordPress.

There are some steps you will need to take before installing Wordpress. For example, you will need to set up your domain and subdomain (www), you need to set up the database, in this case MySql, and then you will need to use a FTP client of your choice to upload your files. So, let’s get started installing WP.

Purchase a Web Space

Obviously, you will need to purchase a web space. From the left menu select Hosting → Webhosting. Choose the web space that fits your needs. Proceed to check out.

Set up the domain

Now it is time to set your domain or domains, as this web space supports multiple domains. Click on Webhosting and then select the hosting you want to set up.

Now to create the actual web space do the following:

  • Click on Create Webhost
  • Enter the Directory – It is a good idea to use a descriptive directory name for your site, that way if you have multiple sites they are easily distinguished.
  • Enter the domain – Select the domain you want to use for this set up.
  • Enter the password to use for your FTP (vHosts) when logging in to this particular site.

Now create another Webhost. Use the same directory name and this time for the domain enter www. (with the dot), an option to select the whole sub-domain will be given, select the sub-domain. This is how you will create sub-domains for your domain if required.

Set up the database

Now click on the tab Databases on top to create the Database. Click the button to Create Database. You can give it a nick name, but the system will create everything else for you. You will see the Database Nickname, Database ID/Username, DB Host, size, Usage, and Actions.

Important, annotate your database ID/Username as this is both - the name of your database and also the username for the database. The DB Host is the IP address of your database (This is the DB_HOST in WP). Enter your database password. Make sure to write down your password in a secure place.

Download WordPress

Make sure to download a clean copy of the latest WordPress. Unzip the folder.

More details about downloading here: WordPress

Connect to your server via FTP

Use the FTP client of your choice to upload your files to your server.

Note: After the FTP connection has been established successfully you find yourself in the directory created for the domain. Do not create the directory again. It is NOT required to create again the directory specified under Webspace Admin after the FTP connection has been established because you are already in the relevant directory. Now, please transfer the files via the FTP client.

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