Connect your domain to Google GSuite

Verification of domain ownership

GSuite needs to verify if you are the domain owner. There are a few ways doing that:

  • TXT record
  • CNAME record
  • MX record
  • Meta Tag (has to be configured on your website, not in DNS)

We recommend to use the MX record, then you only need to configure one type of records on your domain.

You will be asked which option you choose at the beginning of adding your domain to GSuite in the admin panel. After that the admin panel will tell you the record you have to enter.

If you rather choose to use TXT or CNAME record, please have a look in the respective sections of our FAQ:

How to add a TXT record

How to add a CNAME record

How to enter Google GSuite's MX records to enable domain to receive email

In order to enable your domain to receive emails through GSuite, please do the following:

  • From your My Domains list click on the domain you would like to configure
  • At the bottom of the page click the blue Edit button (root domain)
  • From the pop-up under the Mail settings section
  • Select Mail Exchanger (MX record)
  • Enter the first MX record from the table below
  • Click the small Add button to get another MX record field
  • Enter the second MX record, repeat step above until all 5 MX records are entered
  • Click Save

You are done!

Please note that it might take up to 24 hours for your domain's new DNS settings to propagate worldwide, only after that the domain's ownership can be verified by GSuite and it will start working.

GSuite MX records

Please add the following MX records.

The record with Priority 15 will be given to you in your GSuite admin panel, this is used to verify your domain ownership.

PriorityMX record
15 (optional)Verification MX record from your GSuite admin panel, please see above under 'Verification of domain ownership'
You can easily copy from this list by hovering your mouse over the line and clicking the copy symbol.

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