Forwarding email from your domain to a Gmail or G Suite address

If you plan to forward emails from your own domain to your Gmail or G Suite address, you might experience lost or junked emails, especially when testing the forwarding from a Gmail address to your domain.

That happens because the Gmail / G Suite junk filter receives an email coming from the Moniker forwarding server which shows your domain as sending domain instead of the original sender. So the email might either be junked or discarded without notice.

To solve that issue, please follow the instructions below, depending on which Google product you are using.

Gmail - whitelisting a sender address or whole domain

1. Please login to your Gmail account and go to your account's Filters and Blocked Addresses settings: Gmail Settings. You can use that link or go through the cog wheel on top right of your Gmail account and selecting Settings. Then select the tab Filters and Blocked Addresses.

2. Find the Create new Filter link and click it.

3. In the pop-up window type the email address you want to whitelist in the From field. You can whitelist a single email address by typing e.g. (the email address you have set up to forward from your Moniker domain) or a whole domain by typing (your Moniker domain).

4. Click on Create filter with this search >>

5. Check the box next to Never send it to Spam.

6. Click Create filter to save the changes.

G Suite - whitelisting a sender's IP address

In Google G Suite you can whitelist the IP address of a sender's email server. That's even less work as only the Moniker email forwarding server needs to be added to receive emails from your domain reliably.

Please see the G Suite instructions here: G Suite Administrator Help and follow the section Add an IP address to your whitelist.

The IP address of our email forwarding server is

Moniker email forwarding server (

The IP address of our email forwarding server is

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